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Driving open source software development on Arm

Linaro has driven open source software development on Arm since its foundation in 2010, providing the tools, Linux kernel quality and security needed for a solid foundation to innovate on. At the time, multiple companies were frequently trying to upstream the same code, causing fragmentation and delay to product deployments. Linaro was therefore formed to consolidate the Arm code base and provide a much needed collaborative forum for companies to work together on foundational open source software on Arm.

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Enabling new markets through collaborative engineering

As a collaborative forum, Linaro is not just the place where Arm software is consolidated, developed and maintained. We also bring companies together to identify business opportunities and enable new markets on Arm architecture. This has resulted in multiple Linaro groups focused on specific verticals, including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Consumer, Datacenter & Cloud, Edge & Fog Computing and IoT & Embedded.

Pioneering technology in trusted partnership with member companies

Linaro is member driven. Member engineers’ work with Linaro engineers to solve common software problems. Member companies also sit on technical steering committees where they collectively make decisions, together with Linaro and other members, on what work needs to be done and when. Being a Linaro member in effect means shaping the future of Arm software. In addition to Linaro membership, companies can also leverage Linaro Arm software expertise on specific projects by working with Linaro Developer Services.

End to End Solutions using Arm Technology

Linaro’s work spans a wide range of technologies. To find out more about what work we do in each vertical, click on the relevant picture below.

Artificial Intelligence image
Artificial Intelligence
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Autonomous Vehicles
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Consumer (Mobile & Android) image
Consumer (Mobile & Android)
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Datacenter & Cloud image
Datacenter & Cloud
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Edge & Fog Computing image
Edge & Fog Computing
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High Performance Computing image
High Performance Computing
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IoT & Embedded image
IoT & Embedded
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Core Engineering image
Core Engineering
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